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  At The University
         of Oregon
  Campus House and
      Ministry Center 
          in 1978 as
  Restoration Campus
      The Campus House
In 1999 the Lord gave us a beautiful
house on the edge of
campus for ministry events and residence
for up to ten
students. We look for young people
already committed  to Christ who ready to lead and model the faith while building
a lively spiritual community! We also accept seekers.  Details can be found on a separate page
 Please take our One Question Survey! 
draws its support from New Testament Churches and individualsthroughout the Northwest. When a student comes to the Eugene area we strongly encourage membership in a local congregation. UCF sometimes co-sponsors campus events with other evangelical ministries.

Students who demonstrate leadership and commitment can join the UCF staff  as a paid intern. Student staff have gained skills in music, worship, counseling, leading workshops, working with international students and leadership.

     The Thursday Night Dinner, Praise and
                 Fellowship Gatherings
Executive Director
Richard Beswick received a bachelors
with honors in religious studies from the
University of Oregon and a masters of
Divinity from Yale University. He has taught apologetics and world religions at
both of Eugene's Christian colleges.
Richard has published articles and essays
on religion and public education and has
written a training manual for apologetics and evangelism for summer mission
programs. He helped found the Mars Hill Forum in Eugene and has directed
the campus ministry since its inception in 1978.
  The Mars Hill Forums  
  Bible Roundtables
  International Teas  

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